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meal plan

Okay, so this is the meal plan run down for this week. It’s actually a little hard to concentrate right now because I am currently slow cooking our italian drip beef for our sandwiches tonight, and it smells a lot like heaven. Okay, probably not heaven because that smells like clouds and Jesus. But it smells unreal and so I’m dying, slowly and painfully. Okay, I’m not. But I am hungry.

Sorry about that.

Here it is:
italian drip beef sandwiches, which smell like heaven. or something.
sloppy joes
hot subs
chicken burritos
beef soft tacos 

I always start the week off by making a huge bowl of salsa, and I plan at least one to two mexican meals a week. Beans, tortillas and rice are cheap and can provide a huge variety of options. Especially if you keep cilantro in your life at all times. Never be caught without it. Keep it in your purse for emergencies.

Here’s what it looks like. The salsa. And the cilantro. Just in case you didn’t know what it looks like.

This is what it looks like with a giant arm in it. You’re welcome.

This week at Safeway, ground beef was on sale for 1.99 a pound for 80/20. I bought 4 pounds- so that will turn itself into sloppy joes, lasagna and tacos. At least I wish it would turn itself into those things. Then I could sit around and eat bons bons. (I actually have no idea what a bon bon is. Anyone?)

Then we have 2 bags of hoagie rolls from the bakery at Target. This was a great deal because I had 2 $1 off coupons for bakery items from the Target website, and they are $1.99 a bag, so I paid $2 total.  We usually cut the rolls in half, so there are 24 of them total. That’s a lot of yummy sandwich options. My drip beef is going to land on one soon. Also, when you buy a pound and a half of deli meat at Target, they give you a half pound of cheese for free, and I also had two .50 off coupons for the deli.

I bought a bag of 34 mini bagels at Costco for 3.49. That’s the same price you would pay for 12 mini bagels at Safeway. So, there will be a lot of pb&j and pizza bagels. The kids are happy. Tortillas at Costco are 2.99 for 3 bags of them, and they are really soft and yummy. These take us through 2 weeks, at least.

The best deals this week were:
Glen Muir Tomatoes $1 Whole Foods coupon, .75, so .75 after coupon
$5 off of 5 SmartOnes meals which were on sale for $1.88, so .88 after coupon. Good weekend leave your mom alone for heaven’s sakes filler uppers.
Philly cream cheese $1/2 Target coupon, $1/2, so .40 each after coupon. 
market pantry cheese 2 blocks $1/2 Target coupon, coupon on the package for .50 off if you buy 2.
Kraft shredded cheese $1/2 Target, $1/2
Nabisco cookies $1/2, Facebook buy a gallon of milk and a Nabisco cookie, get a free package of Nabisco cookies. so, 2 bags of cookies for $1.50 (I don’t normally buy packaged cookies because it costs a lot less to bake them, but Brad wanted Fig Newtons)
Wheat Thins/Cheezits $1/2, Facebook buy one get one free, so $1 after coupons.

Those are the highlights. Can’t wait to wrestle my sunday paper coupons from some unsuspecting coffee drinker’s hands and start all over again. 

This weekend, Old Navy is celebrating its 16th birthday. They have some things 3 for $16, some are 2 for $16, and their jackets are on sale for $16.

Here’s a great deal!!!

Also, one of my favorite places to go every day is here. They give away a free daily sample if you sign up on their email list. Click on today’s sample below. This makes it fun to check the mail even if your mailman thinks you’re a freak because you have a million mysterious packages coming to your door everyday. 

At Bath and Body Works, they have their new fragrance on sale for a dollar. The best part is that it has a coupon on the back for a buy one Secret Wonderland, get another free in whatever flavor you desire. Pretty great deal. And those $1 lotions are a pretty good stocking stuffer.

buy me. i’m a dollar