These freebies go fast, so you gotta pounce like a jungle cat when you see ’em…

Get a sample of:
Vaseline Intensive Rescue


Oxi Skin Care  (promo code is WOMANSDAY)

Free coffee mug for Au Bon Pain (if you have one in your area – coupon will come to your email address)

Free Beaker of Worst Case Scenario Gross Slime   Awesome stocking stuffer for a 10 year old boy whose name might happen to be Max. Max reads this blog. In fact, Max is a contributor to this blog, as you will see next week. Max will have to wait until Christmas to enjoy this freebie, so it will still be, in fact, a surprise, because Max will forget allll about this by then.

Cottenelle Fresh Wipes Give a Tub, Get a Tub, Share the Freshness with Friends.
Hmmmm, let’s not really discuss this one. Let’s just do this one real quiet like.

And, again I say unto thee, get yourself an extra email address for this purpose. Don’t make me stop this car and come back there.