I love mail. It’s always been my favorite. It will always be my favorite. And it brings you surprises.

I leave the bad surprises in there. Sometimes for weeks.

I don’t want to talk about it.

Yesterday, this came to me.

These little guys came from One Kings Lane.
I’m still waiting for the bowl. It’s going to change my life.

I need to tell you about One Kings Lane.  You can sign up with them (using your email that you use specifically for these purposes – have I ever mentioned that?) and then you email a friend (it’s there on the site) and if they sign up and buy something, you get a $25 dollar credit. Fancy.

Anyway, my suggestion is to get a whole co-op of people in on this with you. You just have to draw straws or arm wrestle to see who makes the first purchase.

May I make another suggestion?
Someone buy this and then send it to me.
Thank you very much.

I also got these in the mail.

How weird is this?
I liked it anyway.
See that granola bar in the middle? Taylor took it to school, but then brought it home all smashed and crumbled.
Know what I did with it?
I put it in a baggie and smashed it even more to bits and sprinkled it on her yogurt this morning.
Always thinking, people.
See that box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
Torrie and Max came to blows over it.
It didn’t end well.

Here is a list of my other favorite places to get free samples and mail love:

All You – Daily freebies. Sign up for the daily sample alert. I live for these. One time, I couldn’t get to the sample on my phone, so I called Brad and made him do it from his computer. He has no idea what to think about me.

Vocalpoint – They send you huge coupons for new products, and then they throw in a bunch to give to friends. I’ve gotten a free Bounce dryer bar, and 2 full size bottles of Pantene.

P&G – Huge savings on household products. They just issued a new sample booklet today. You can only get one per quarter.

And here are my favorites for email love:

Beauty Brands – Sign up for their email list and once a month or so, they send you an email for a free product with purchase. The free product is usually worth between $15 and $20, and there is no minimum purchase. Last time I found a sale on Tigi cosmetics and bought something for less than $2 to receive my free product.

Bath and Body Works – They give away free products all the time, and have great sales.

I just looked outside and realized something. I have the ugliest mailbox in the world.