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new fun free stuff

Free Samples:

Be sure to click on the links… it’ll take you straight there.

His and Hers deodorant samples. How convenient!
Dove Go Fresh Deodorant *out of samples
Axe Deodorant

(Don’t worry about membership numbers. They aren’t required.)

Free sample of Thomas Coffee

Great Reynolds Coupons

Touch up and Go gift pack – this one looks promising. Maybe I’ll give it to the kids.

Free appetizer at TGI Fridays

Join Papa Murphy’s e-club, get a free cookie dough on you birthday. I did this last year and didn’t even bother making the cookies. Just went after it with a big ole spoon.

Free cheese quesadilla at Denny’s with a minimum purchase of $2.50.

Free meal for kids at IHOP and all you can eat pancakes start at $4.99

And I just want to share what came in the mail yesterday.

My bowl is here. I feel different already. See the color? It’s cilantro colored. Kind of. Makes me feel silly inside.
And she was free at One Kings Lane.

See the sample of Shout stain catcher? I’m not sure if I’m ready to take the plunge with that guy. Someone throw some reds and whites together and let me know how it goes.

See the crackers? They are going to be yummy with the olive tapenade I’m making later.

See the lotion? I no longer look like I live in the desert.

And there’s one more thing I can’t show you. There is a giant Chiefs player living in my closet. He came from and he was on clearance for $5.99. He is 6 and half feet tall and 4 and a half feet wide, and he will live on my boys’ wall and watch over them. And probably scare them mindless in the middle of the night until they get used to him. Can’t wait.

Don’t forget you can get updates on the Gypsy Jules facebook page. I’ll just bring it to you as I get it.


college boy

Last night, my little girl Taylor went grocery shopping for herself for the very first time. She’s experimenting with living on her own this week, and since I’m all into couponing and whatnot, I went along to show her the ropes. She gathered up the coupons she wanted like a pro and I’m happy to report that she got a week’s worth of food for $21, and saved $15. It was a thing of beauty. And she got hit on by the deli guy. Fabulous.

In other news, however, I had to go back to the store after she did her shopping (long story. it involves a lot of driving, my brain malfunctioning and having a million kids.) and I witnessed a sad sad scene. College boy.

College boy was checking out in front of me. College boy had a lot of groceries. College boy had exactly $71 dollars to spend. So College boy had to keep taking things out of his bags to deduct the price down to his pocket change. Bye Bye Corn Pops and green beans and Digiornio pizza (which made things worse because they were only on sale if you bought 3, so the price went back up and this confused the checkout lady who couldn’t seem to keep up with any of this) and Trident Gum.

My heart was being ripped into a million pieces.

I couldn’t stand by and watch this happen.

So here’s how it went down.

ME: Hey. Are you in college?
COL: (short for check out lady) Oh yeah, he is.
ME: I feel sad for you. You have to put so much back! And you need to eat!
COL: Happens every day.
ME: (in my head) Hey COL. Shhhhhhh. I’m trying to talk to College Boy.
CB: Yeah, I only have $71. I just sold my truck, but I need to stick to this budget.
ME: Hey, College Boy. If I had a class or something on this subject, would you come to it? Because I would love to help you save money.
COL: I would!
ME: (in my head) Seriously. Shhhhh.
CB: Maybe.
COL: You really should. It would save me a lot of trouble.
ME: (in my head) Lady, you need to go to etiquette class.
CB: If was short and easy and only took a little while.
ME: Gotcha.
COL: How do you save so much money?
ME: Lots of internet stuff, and paper coupons.
COL: Oh. I don’t use the internet.
ME: Wait! I have a coupon for that!
CB: Awesome! Thanks!
COL: Hold on. Now I need to figure this out.
ME: (in my head) seriously. seriously?
CB: Thanks. See ya later.
ME: Later, College boy.
COL: Here’s your receipt, sir. You saved $11.54. I think. Hey, I betcha the people across the street here at the old folks home would like it if you came over there and showed them how to do it!

The End

So, my wheels are turning. Thoughts?

Here. Have a free avocado.

And, no, I’m not worried about COL reading this. She doesn’t use the internet.