Did you miss me?

I have to tell you, this weekend was nuts and decided to make its way on into Monday, and now Tuesday has a hangover.

I may or may not still be in a candy coma.

And I learned that our neighbors have a real stuffed white tiger in their living room and children can have their picture taken with it on Halloween night. The couple is from India, and her father shot it  and stuffed it when she was a little girl. And now it lives in their living room.

I tried to think that this was weird, but we have this.

Brad’s dad shot it and stuffed it when he was a little boy. And now it lives in my laundry room. It used to live in the rafters of the garage, but Taylor took it down and used it in her senior pictures, and I was too lazy to put it back, so now he watches over my detergent.

By the way, squirrels haunt my life. One day I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

Subject change.

I’ve had a slow start this week on the deal searches, but it’s shaping up to look pretty good.

I’ll just start with the freebies and samples. Have I ever mentioned how much I love these things? I got a super cute zebra pen yesterday in the mail. I have a huge crush on it.

Free Stuff: (just click on the highlighted words – you’ll go straight to the links)

Free Boss Fragrance sample

Free sample of Mega Red Krill Oil and Aleve (the page sort of rotates between products, so wait for it.)

Like Folgers on facebook, get a free sample

Free trial size of Ester C gummies

Veggie Tales Christmas Album

Now on to coupons:

Facebook coupon for Simply Orange

Pepperidge Farm cookies and crackers

Petco $5 off $25 (this is awesome for the big bags of dog food)

Boston Market

Weight Watchers magazine for $3 a year, code at checkout is 3106

$2 Carmex coupon *Click on the $2 sign, request a free sample is in the top right hand corner

Lots of movie coupons – just click on entertainment on the left hand list

Nivea Body Wash for Men (makes these easily free at Walmart, and many other places.)

Best deals:

Okay, so these are crazy.

Toy Story 3 Blue -Ray/DVD combo pack (Target sale $24.99) – $8 coupon from Disney Movie Rewards /Combine with $5 Campbell’s Rebate/ Use $1/3 Campbell’s soup coupon

And if you’re feeling extra spunky, here’s a Rayovac mail in rebate. Use one of these with it.

Half price gift bag from Burt’s Bee’s for her and for him. Nice gift.

$19.95 Gevalia Coffee  Offer – Get 4 boxes of coffee, stainless steel 12 cup coffee maker, stainless steel mug, and free shipping. You can cancel the delivery anytime and keep the goodies. Sometimes this deal comes around for $14.95

Target Deals to be looked into very very seriously:

Target has reset its deli, bakery and produce coupons. These come in very handy, especially if you print off more than one. You can find nice deals. Remember, the deli has a buy a pound and a half of Archer Farms meat, get a half pound of cheese free.

Smart Ones: Target Web Coupon $4/10, Buy 10 get a $5 gift card, and I still have a $4/10 manufacturers coupon. These will probably come out to around $7. By the way, the other ones I bought are already gone. There are way too many moochers at my house lately.

Sutton and Dodge beef roast: on sale $1.99/pound, Target Web coupon $1, so .99 a pound. Have you ever!? I printed off 2 coupons… not sure what the limit is, but I intend to find out. I may try to print them from another computer.

T.G.I. Friday’s skillet meals: on sale for $5.99, buy 2 get one free. Target web coupon $4/2, so 3 for around $8. I’m looking for another coupon to add to this. Tucker eats these things as snacks, people. How come nobody warned me about how much a teenage boy can eat!

Cheerios: on sale 2 for $5. $1 Sunday insert coupon. Safeway has Cheerios for $1.99, so you could get these as low as $3 for 2 boxes.

New P&G Sunday insert (LOVE THESE)

Buy one specified Olay product,  get on Olay Ribbons body wash free. Pair it with $1/1 Olay facial cleanser. This could end up being as low as $2.49 for both.

Buy one Secret, get $5 off any Olay bath product. This could easily make the Olay product free.

I’m sure the deals will reveal themselves over this week. I’ll let you know as they come rolling in.

And don’t forget the November Free Days:

  • November 6, 2010 Denver Art Museum
  • November 5, 2010 Botanic Gardens at Chatfield
  • November 14, 2010 Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • November 7, 2010 Denver Zoo
  • November 13, 2010 Denver Zoo