Today, I was thinking lots of big thoughts while I took Avery on a long walk near Max’s school. For some reason, that trail spooks her. Could be the exorbitant amount of creepy birds that are constantly flying around her head. I just used the word exorbitant. And then I nearly broke my arm patting myself on the back. And now I’m trying to think of ways I can use that word again today.

Where was I?

Anywho, I was thinking about a lot of things, and it occurred to me that I’d like to share.

I bet you wonder why I call myself Gypsy Jules. I bet you think about it so much it distracts you from your work. I bet you lay awake at night because of it.

Well, let me keep you from hurting yourself.

Gypsy is actually a name Brad gave me. It comes from way back when we first got married. When we first got married we traveled around coast to coast and abroad singing and playing music, and we lived in our car. We actually had no address.  All of our “stuff” was sitting somewhere in storage. We lived out of suitcases. Everything we wanted was right there with us.  What we needed was provided daily. And it was gooooood.

I have the heart of a gypsy.

In other words,  I like things simple.  Simple is good. Simple doesn’t make my head spin.

Life should be simple.

But sometimes it isn’t.

The Rileys are  known for starting over. And over. And over. And every time it’s different. Different places. Different focus. Different people.

This last year and a half, the Rileys started over.

And it has had a tremendous effect on us.

More non-profits than could be counted went under this year. I would say an exorbitant amount. (See how I did that?) And we have probably had to fight harder for what we believe in than we ever have before.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because I want you to understand why I’m writing every day of my life.

Not only is this blog about saving money, and coupons ( I swoon) and freebies (I faint). It’s about unfolding our lives in front of you, and sharing the goodness that comes with the struggle.

It’s about the joy that comes from the little things, and the provision that’s really there for us, even though we may have to dig to find it, or run the printer ragged.

It’s about looking at things that could be considered too small to matter, and really seeing them for the treasures they are.

It’s about that dadgum granola bar that comes in the mail for free and gets sprinkled on your kid’s yogurt because it got all smashed at school.

These are the things I’m learning about again.

And these are the things I’m really sharing with you everyday.

My little joys.

My little Almond Joys.

Someone needs to lay off the coffee.

Now, wait for it.

There’s about to be a cheesy segue….

Here it is.

So, in honor of the little things that are really beautiful, I want to send you into the weekend with a chance to win this.












Isn’t she adorable?

Now the back.












It’s a bottle cap, for heaven’s sakes. How clever is that?

Thank you, Sharalee, for letting the people have a chance to see your work. You can check out Sharalee’s Etsy site here. She has a real gift, and she’s unbelievably reasonable with her prices. Enjoy.

Now, all you have to do if you want to win is leave a comment. You can say anything you want. Just be nice.

I’ll let you know on Monday who gets to take this home.

And if no one comments, I’m keeping it. Because I really really really really like it.