Yesterday, I tried to give you the best of what went down at Target. Today, I’m just gonna throw some coupon connections your way. Lots of them are for baking and whatnot. So feel free to try out some new recipes and leave a sample on my doorstep.

Like Wholly Guacamole on facebook, get a $4 coupon. This is almost unheard of. Somehow I managed to print off 2 just now, so good luck. You have no idea how much we love the Guac! *On sale at Safeway for $3.99 so FREE!

Like Simply Orange on facebook, get a $1 off

Like Renuzit on facebook, get a free cone. It prints out as $1, cones are .97 at Target and many other places.

Like Rimmel on facebook, get a $2 coupon

Nestle Toll House baking products

Driscolls berries coupon – These guys don’t come around much. You may have to sign up with them, but I printed off 2 of these and plan to pair them with the $1 Target web coupons I printed last week. I’m just waiting for a decent sale. *fixed the link

Bar S coupons – These hot dogs go on sale frequently, so they could be free.

Earth’s Best Organic – lots of high value coupons. Pair with theseĀ Whole Foods coupons and you will be getting some sweet deals. Also, in the Whole Foods coupons, you’ll find one for $1/1 Pom juice. There is a $1/2 in the Smart Source insert from last Sunday’s paper.

Campbell’s Kitchen has millions of coupons, including broth. It also has a mail in rebate for Toy Story 3.

$2 off Carmex – There were also some for lip balm in the SmartSource insert in last Sunday’s paper.

Pepperidge Farm products *On sale at Safeway for between $2.25 and $2.50

And a super random free t-shirt from Limewire.

New Coupon Sites:

Delicious Living

Free Coupon Alerts – They send the best high value coupons to your email, so you don’t miss out.

And I can’t stress to you enough how worth it the coupons in the Sunday paper are, especially paired with in store sales and coupons.

If I hadn’t taken such an insanely blurry picture, you would see that I got 2 Secret, one Old Spice body spray, and an Olay Body Wash for free buy using these 2 coupons together. They somehow canceled each other out and I ended up paying $1.10. I also had coupons for Cottenelle and $1 Reach floss. Reach is only .97, so you could literally stock up for a year for free. You should see how many Colgate toothbrushes I have in waiting. Maybe someday, if you’re lucky, I’ll take a picture.

I totally won’t .

But I want to.