I like this blogging thing a little too much so I told myself that I had to get all my work done before I was allowed on the computer. Then the kids’ computer went haywire and they now have to use mine for “homework”. Then I went out of town for a fabulous weekend date with the Brad and then I had more work to do when I got home. Now I’m mad at work.

So I decided that rules that I make for myself are stupid and I’m the boss of my own blog and I can write in it any old time I want.

And that’s that.

Anyway, I got my Sunday paper yesterday, and it was stuffed so full of so much goodness that I had to put myself in a time out because I was having a complete conniption and couldn’t control myself. I literally went and took Avery on a walk until my blood pressure was steady.

I think I may have a problem.

But did you see them???

The problem is, they haven’t been cut out yet. They’re just sitting right in front of me tormenting me with their little coupon siren song.

Here’s why I haven’t cut them out yet. I have outgrown my system. I have coupons for everything in this entire world, and now I need a bigger place to put them. I was thinking they need their own room, but it will be too long before Tay moves out. So I may just start with a better organizer. Now I want to go to Target and get one.

Here’s where the next problem comes in. I can’t even imagine going to Target without coupons for things I know I’ll see when I get there.

But I haven’t cut them out yet. Or paired them up with their best friends or found the exactly most perfect deal yet.

And I need an organizer to put them in.

I’m dizzy.

And I’ve decided to go get an organizer.

It’s the right thing to do.

Here are some things to keep you distracted.

Free Sara Groves Christmas album

Free Josh Groban song

I’ll be letting you know about all the good stuff just as soon as I can.

(Speaking of cans, Campbell’s Soup is on sale at Target for .50 a can. You can get 3 of them for free if you print this coupon.)

Could someone please count the amount of “I’s” I used in this posting?

And then could you please come save me from myself?

Thank you very much.