I had an episode today. Sabrina and Paula caused it. But we’ll get to that.

Buckle up, folks, I haven’t had a chance to share in a while, and in the coupon/freebie/gypsy world, that’s like 7 years in dog years.

Or something.

So, I got organized.

It only took me a day and half and I lost at least 4 very valuable coupons in the process. This might have something to do with the fact that I had to be spread all over the floor and the fact that a very large dog thinks that because I’m sitting on the floor, she should be sitting in my lap, and the fact that Brad is out of town again and the kids all needed help with their homework at the same time and decided it would be a good idea to also spread their things out on the floor.

Or it could be that I accidently threw them away.

May they R.I.P.

This is what will be working for me, at least  for now.

Accordion folders. The one with the swirlies is for food items, the big clear one is for household and beauty type products, and the little guy stays with me at all times and holds my treasures. I have them all separated into categories that no one but myself would understand, and I even went so far as to separate them by store sections. Because I have that memorized.

Don’t judge me.

While I was organizing, the mailman showed up. I’ve noticed that I hum “You Are My Sunshine” under my breath when I hear him coming.

Monday he brought me this.

Well, hello motherload.

This would be all free samples including a Glad trashbag with Febreze, some cute products from U Kotex, John Freida root booster with a $1 coupon, a coupon for a free bag of Food Should Taste Good  chips (remember the facebook coupon?) and a month’s supply of Bio-35. Tay’s been sick non-stop for months, so we’ll see if these work for her. And way in the bottom left corner, a love letter from my parents. I love mail.

And in case you didn’t notice the gigantic set of products in front of that book, I want to give you a closer look.

Some of you may remember when I purchased the Water Secret book for $11 off of Amazon and then emailed the Amazon confirmation receipt to Murad? Well, my ship came in. This is $200 worth of their beauty products. The sleep serum itself was $98. I used them for the last 2 days and I woke up looking 17 this morning. Who knew? I’m checking to see if they still have the same deal. I hope so, because $11 is a pretty good investment with a $189 return and I would love for you to cash in on it.

On Tuesday, he brought me this.

Megakrill (we’ll see what happens with that – sometimes I get sample happy), some supplements from Sedona labs (ditto on the first statement), my Tom’s from Maine toothpaste, Axe and Dove deodorant (great little gym bag/locker buddies) and a free product with any purchase at Bath and Body Works.

I love these little freebies with any purchase, because any purchase means any purchase. So what do I do? I find a clearance item as my purchase, and then I get the freebies. I end up getting between $15 and $25 worth of product for around $3.

Which leads me to Sabrina and Paula.

I signed up for the Beauty Brands newsletter and email list because they have all sorts of these freebies with any purchase. Today’s was this.

3 abba products with any purchase.  So I did what I did last time and bought a clearance lipgloss from Bed Head for $2.98.

I took it to Paula to ring me up and I told her that Beauty Brands has single handedly stuffed the stockings for my girls. And Paula says did you see those lotions over there?

And I said no, what lotions?

And then that angel Paula took me over and showed me.

And then I did that super spastic get really loud thing that happens to me when I see a deal that is too much to take.

I think I have deal induced Tourettes.

Hi Paula.

$1.98 for the 6.8 oz body wash and lotions. They look and smell amazing. And they are going to make incredible Christmas gifts once I wrap them up all fancy. No Sunday comics wrapping paper for you guys.

I bought 4. I will be going back for more soon.

This was a $44 savings.

But it just got better.

Do you see this? Sabrina (the manager) wants you to have it.

This could be yours if you purchase a $15 Beauty Brands gift certificate. Shoot, you could put that in your own stocking, for pity’s sakes.Or buy the gift certificate, and then buy the lotions with it! It’s a gift basket worth $120 and you’d also receive a $20 gift card.

The Boulder store on 28th is the only store with this promotion, so you should visit soon if you live out of town. If you live in town, it would be silly not to take advantage of these deals!

And when you do, buy one from either Sabrina or Paula. They deserve it.

And mention Gypsy Jules, because Sabrina says so.

I plan to post again this evening with the coupon deals for the week so you don’t miss out! I got free jammies!

Don’t forget that Gypsy Jules has a facebook where you can share the deals you’ve found and find out what’s out there for free. And it’s where you’ll find the stuff that makes you sing to your mailman.