I’m writing this while wearing a Snuggie that is too small for me. Can Snuggies be too small for you? It’s my youngest daughter Torrie’s. She wears it every morning of her life. We got it for her because it’s easy for her to put on and take off. If she had a robe, she’d have to tie it, and my universe simply has no time for that.

Torrie is time challenged. Or she thinks we are. For her, time does not exist. She lives in a place where you can spend as long as you want tying your shoes. I once timed her. I can’t remember exactly how long it took, but it hovered somewhere around the 7 minute range. So I bought her Uggs. They take her approximately 2 and a half minutes to put on. The reason for this is (and she would tell you these things herself, but I’m sure many of you would like to get married and start a family soon) because she doesn’t like to have her pants tucked into the Uggs. She likes to roll her pants up first.

I’m thinking about sending her to school barefoot until the first snow.

She wore her Snuggie to school once. She looked like Jesus coming off the bus.

She’s so dang cute.

The end.


I have a job tomorrow teaching small children music. Should be fabulous.

I have lots of coupon news so stay tuned until after 3:45 tomorrow. That’s when I clock out.

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