Hello, Fall break! I love you so much. I love you because I get to sleep in, at least until 8ish. I love you because no one has homework and deadlines and the overwhelming need to find a pair of clean socks 3 minutes before we walk out the door and then just grabbing any 2 they see and completely messing up my whole laundry system. (By the way, lately I’ve been leaving all the unmatched socks in the dryer load after load. I figure they’ll eventually find each other in there. ) I love you because I get to bake and eat and eat and bake and eat. I love you because I get to hear football games in the background. You are simply perfect in every way.

Stay the same. Never change.

I got lots of time this morning to organize my thoughts and my coupons and now I’m ready to plan a menu. I only need to pick up a few things this week, because I went a little hog wild last week with the sales that I saw, and I have to be very strategic with the budget. So I’m going to break my own rules and shop at 4 different stores to get the best of the best deals. Luckily, they are all close together, except Target, but I get to make a Sonic run that way. I’m smart like that.

Also, have I ever mentioned how much I love grocery stores?

Little known fact: I have made a point to check out grocery stores in every country I’ve ever visited. I’m that committed.

Here’s what the Rileys are eating this week:

Sunday: Chicken, potatoes, green beans – Safeway has an 8 piece chicken for 3.99. I already have potatoes and green beans left over from this week. Brad and I are going to a wedding tonight so it’s a perfect little meal for the kids.

Monday: BBQ pork sandwiches – I found a pork roast at Safeway for $1.99 a pound and got  a 2 pounder. We’re gonna slow cook it all day and then pull it apart into shredded pork. The big thing about this one is keeping all the hands and fingers and forks that are around here this week away from the lid so the thing can just cook. You have no idea.

Tuesday: Seafood Pasta with salad and bread – Target had their frozen shrimp on sale for $5, and they also had a web coupon for $1 off, so I got the whole bag for $4. It saved me almost $5. This will be enough to incorporate into 2 meals.

Wednesday: Shrimp and steak fajitas. See? I made it into 2 meals! Don’t forget that Costco has 3 packs of tortillas for $2.99 and huge bags of Tostitos chips for $3.99. Both usually last for 10 days or so (you can refrigerate the tortillas so they last longer) and I always make a huge vat of salsa at the beginning of the week.

Thursday: Thanksgiving dinner. I’m working on a new cranberry pomegranate sauce and a sweet potato dish I’ve never made before. Wish me luck.

Friday: Thanksgiving dinner. Again.

Saturday: Frozen pizza. It’s a tradition. Somehow we need that savory sauce after so much turkey and dressing.

And then I’m going to hike and jog and ride my bike and do Tae Bo and pilates all day every day.


Here are the deals I’m after this week.


Safeway had a grand re-opening at the Arapahoe store and they still have some of their booklets left. If you don’t see one, ask for one at customer service. They also have a big Thanksgiving book. These deals are good until Nov. 26.

You have to spend $20 to get these deals, but I plan on getting tons of stuff for that amount.

Here’s what coupons I’m using from the booklet.

$3 off deli meat. I’ll get a pound for $4.

$2 off any O Organics item. This will make milk .49

$1 each O Organics salad. These are the ones in the plastic boxes.

$1 each fresh Gold Pineapple

$1.50 for a dozen bagels. These are freezable, so this is awesome.

.79 each French Bread loaf (I’ll make it into garlic bread for our pasta dinner)

Sparkling grape juice is 2/$4. Coupon from coupons.com $2/2. I’ll pay $2 for 2.

Red Baron pizza – Buy 2 get 1 free. I have 2 coupons from last Sunday’s smartsource in the paper. $1 off 1, and $1 off 2.

Lucerne sour cream is .99 this week.

Lucerne cream cheese is 1.25 for a block. ( I have some super fattening mashed potatoes to make)

Now I have my $20, give or take, so I’ll get these things for free.


Safeway apple juice

Safeway peanut butter

24 oz. Signature Cafe soup *Tomato Basil is the best.

Free Zone Perfect bar ( I received this coupon in the mail. And I like to use these at places where these items are more expensive. I’m not sure what that says about me)

I have 2 .55 off coupons for eggs, any brand, from smartsource.com. Eggs at Safeway are .89, and Safeway doubles, so 2 dozen free eggs.

King Soopers:

Cuties are on sale for $3.99

Cranberries are 2 for $3

Nature sweet cocktail tomatoes are $2. I have a coupon from smartsource Sunday paper insert  (2 weeks ago) for .55, which will double, so $1


$5 off $5 or more

And here’s a way to get the Beauty and the Beast Blue Ray combo possibly for free.

Start with the $10/1 printable from Disney

There are also 2 rebates. Campbells soup and Western Bagels. And with the soup use this coupon.

Campbell’s soup is on sale for .50 at Target, and the DVD is supposed to be $19.99 at Target after

in ad coupon.

So, could be free. If it’s $24.99 in the  stores, you’re paying $4.99

This is what I got in the mail yesterday.

I signed up for this. I have no idea how or when. I sign up for everything all the time.

And I got this. It’s from my Grandma. How sweet is this???

And that’s it for today.

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* I have no idea why this posting looks so wack. Ask wordpress.