So, I used up all the printer ink. And I really really really need my printer. He’s my partner. My enabler. My dealer.

I have no idea why I think my printer is male.

I have an amazing new place I go to get my printer ink. It’s this place. It’s by McGuckins in Boulder.

This place recycles your old ink cartridge and refills them. It’s a win win situation. When you bring the cartridge in, you get a discount on your new refilled one. I paid $14.38 for my HP98 refill. Then I called Office Depot and asked them how much it would cost to buy one over there. $24 plus tax. I hung up. And I didn’t feel even feel bad.

This is Jay. Jay saved me $10 bucks and saved me the trouble of recycling. If you live in Boulder, you should gather up your empty cartridges and totally go see him. He’s a nice dude and he didn’t even pose for this pic.

Okay, he did, but he felt wrong about it. So it doesn’t count.

And yes, I live in Boulder and this might be fairly common here. But it’s still pretty much genius.

Wish I had a clue how to refill those little dudes.

Maybe tomorrow.

Ahhh, tomorrow.

We’re gonna talk baking.

and Rite Aid.

If you know me, you know this.

It’s all the same difference.


I love you.

You make my world complete.

wow. I could not be more awkward.