I’ve been busy.

I’m pretty sure you have been, too.

Here are my top observances of the week.

1. My kids are loud. In a good way. Okay, I asked for noise canceling headphones for Christmas.

2. I have memorized my credit card number, expiration date and cvc code. That little guy could disappear forever and I could still book cruises for the next ten years.

3. I think Whole Foods should pack up and move to the open space. We’ll see how much traffic there is then.

4. If I don’t get to the Safeway coupons first, the crazy self check out Nazis grab them, crumple them up, and throw them away. I don’t know about you, but I think they should be charged as criminals.

5. I may or may not be hatching an international register coupon plan to have Safeway save the ones that aren’t taken by customers and brought to use for the Carry Out Caravan program for the elderly. Do it or bust. By the way, I almost imploded when I saw that they crumpled them up and threw them away. The calculator in my head hurts real bad.

6. Have I ever mentioned that a legion of Kindergartners could wrap presents better than I do?

7. I’m going to a beach in Mexico in January. I might need to stop eating.

8. My friend Natalie brought over cinnamon rolls. They literally gave me chills. Twice.

9. I pronounce the word coupon wrong. I didn’t know it was koooopon. Losers.

10. I want more cinnamon rolls.

Happy Christmas to you.

I’ll be back soon with a vengeance.

um. gypsy jules facebook. I would have saved you a million dollars by now.