My parents are so here.

I love that more than anything, probably ever.

We played Apples to Apples. My dad is very good at this. He sort of wills it.

Tay still beat him. Something about  a will.

She doesn’t quite get it.

Mom and I shopped a little.

And then I dragged her through Target. I needed a few things.

People live here and eat things. So many times.

disclaimer * I’m sorry. I had no idea my mom has no idea what the inside of a grocery store looks like. I should have known, since any and all grocery visits throughout my life involved my father, very fast walking and chipper conversation. The only time I recall a moment in the grocery store with my mom involves strange butter cookies that could be made into fancy rings, just in time for Sunday School. *

Luckily, my favorite check out dude was there. No, it isn’t you, James. You could be. You just choose to be all supervisey every time I see you. Which I suppose is great for you. Glad I could be of service.

It’s the very tall man who I always warn, interact with and generally, schmooze.

And he says, “We’ll make it work.”

I’m in love with him and thinking of running away with him.

Except he’s too tall.

And I’m married.

But he made it work.

Unlike the crazies at Walmart who have to call 911 for help to okay a manufacturer’s coupon that happens to have the word Safeway on it. It’s still a manufacturer’s coupon. I could use it in Hawaii if I felt like it. But feel free to call the law. Or Leeza the coupon exterminator. Is it personal, Leeza?

Guess what?

I went ahead and took that little gatorade coupon guy to Target.

And he made it work.

I’m pretty sure “We’ll make it work” is the best statement I’ve ever heard in my life.

Oh, and also…

I used the word flippin several times when I told my mommy about the Walmart chick. She curled up into a ball and cried like Kanye West. Okay, that is a huge lie.

My mom’s first language is sarcasm. She speaks it fluently. And gracefully, which is virtually impossible.

I spent .44 on a Gillette gift set.

Tucker is so clean shaven.

Tomorrow I’ll post pics of the stupid sick deals I took home today. And I use the word tomorrow loosely.