I’m going to be celebrating the fact that 2010 is going away.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Now don’t get me wrong. There were a lot of new skills acquired this year.

I learned to cut with scissors.

I learned exactly what time the mailman comes.

I learned that one can only use the timer on my microwave while cooking things in my oven, and that if another one comes along and decides to nuke something in the middle of it, you have to turn the light on in the oven and stare at what’s in there until it’s done, or bad things will happen.

All of these are invaluable lessons and they are allowed to come with me into 2011.

The rest of you must go.

Thank you for understanding.

These are my weapons of choice for this evening.

I am officially 5’7′ in them. And I’m pretty sure they are going to make the snow melt.

I will be going to see a movie. I got one free from Living Social because I had a $5 credit for signing up, and I bought Brad one as a gift for $5. So we’re going out for $5.

That reminds me. The other day I went with my family to see Narnia. It blew my mind and I cried like a little girl through the whole thing. And I liked Eustace’s eyebrows. They looked like check marks. But that’s not why I’m telling you this.

I had 2 tickets from cereal boxes and 3 tickets a friend gave me about 3 years ago. They had no expiration date so I was super excited. The little cereal box treasures went through just fine. It was the real tickets that were the problem. Mean movie dude almost ruined my life.

MMD: (about 6 minutes into the process) I should have told you when I saw those in your hand that they ¬†weren’t going to work for the movie you’re trying to see. They won’t work for 3D.

Me: Huh? Why not? They have no expiration date.

MMD: They’re red. They need to be blue.

Me: (in my head) Well hand me a marker and I’ll take care of that. (out loud) Huh?

Brad: It doesn’t say that anywhere on here.

MMD: It says it excludes large format movies.

Brad: Large format movies are IMAX movies. This is 3D.

Me: Huh?

MMD: It isn’t going to work. The system won’t let it work.

Me: Well, can you trade me a blue one for a red one, and I can pay you the difference? (in my head) OR, you can just hand me a marker and I can take care of it.

MMD: No. I can’t.

Me: Please? (in my head) Please?

MMD: Nope. Sorry.

And he walks away. He. Walked. Away.


I guess I still have 3 red tickets. To match my red cheeks.

All ended well anyway.

Happy New year, folks. I’m expecting a great one.