I have a dream.

Oh wait. I had one.

It was about a super little yellow cat wearing a fedora and it had casts on both its front paws and it sucked a pacifier.

And then I was boarding for Denver  the other day (from a BEACH in Mexico…. have I mentioned that enough times?) and there was a little yellow kitten in a cage in front of me.

And sitting directly behind me was a sweet baby sucking a pacifier.

I was the one wearing a fedora.

So, I was pretty sure the plane was going down. Except it didn’t.

I guess this is a good time to mention a few things about that trip.

We went for a wedding.

Noel and Berena’s wedding.

She was exquisite.

He was so-so.

I took terrible pics, because I have a horribly outdated phone that I try to love, but it’s so futile.

I like to use words like futile because it makes me happy because people who write use not so everyday words that live in their heads, but when they use them in every day life, people just aren’t kind.

The word because has already been immensely overused in this blog.

The word “And” stays. It feels rebellious.

I still hate the word blog. I’m on my way with the word because.

Here are the highlights.

I’ll say them first, then add my sad, sad pics.

Someone please send me a new camera.

Thank you.


1. Arriving in Puerto Vallarta.

2. Arriving in Puerto Vallarta.

3. Seeing friends in the lobby just arriving to Vallarta Palace, which is where we stayed but it’s different than arriving in Puerto Vallarta, except it’s in Puerto Vallarta.

4. Asking the same questions every day.

a. black or yellow ( that would be the swimsuits)

b. room service or restaurant ( that would be the olives)

c. i still ask. no one answers.

5. Fredy

6. Sergio

7. The Parrot.

8. The Parrot.

9. Kayaking straight into the ocean that I fear, respect and still taste the salt from. (the ocean tastes great, by the way. someone should tap into that.)

10. The wedding. Oh, the wedding. Mariachi bands, fireworks so unexpected I almost called the cops, a cruise ship (those freaks are huge), dancing on the beach, and tequila that tastes like brandy.

11. I have no idea where that last statement came from.

12. What?

13. How about I add some bad pics.

my view.

the view of the luggage in front of me. Yep, it says KKK.

And yes, I took a picture of it.

And it was blurry.

Someone send me a camera. Or a better trigger finger.

I have no idea.

It was hidden in the wall.




it happens.

the police who stopped us on the way to the wedding.


the band. my favorite.

All in a day.


Send me a camera.