Lifetime uses the word idyllic way too many times in their descriptions. Yuck. Also, so many so called boyfriends pop out of nowhere and scare the loo loo out of you – except you expect it – so you’re so dumb it if you trust anyone. Did I spell idyllic right?


Yesterday I went to the Tattered Cover in Denver….

I will be doing an entire blog about that place soon. I actually shed tears.

And I found Black Heels to Tractor Wheels… I’d already laughed through most chapters, but the added parts made me cry. In public.

AND it made me remember strange bits and pieces of my child birthing..

The word piece looks super weird to me – not as weird as my babies looked to me when they were born.

Except Tucker. His eyes at birth – wide open and asking sweet questions from day one – made me promise everything right off the bat.

And Torrie was born at 4 in the morning and I thought she was blind. My doctor laughed at me. The same doctor I had schooled so many times on the sex of my child. He had to pay me in M&M’s. So many times.

Max looked like a gerbil. I adore gerbils.

All my kids have beautiful eyes. It’s weird.

Not just beautiful. Stare worthy.

What’s weird about that is, I was always called bug eyes by my esteemed peers and no one has a color for them.  Blgregrey is not a word. My hubs has normal shaped eyes, but they’re soooooo blue. A weird blue. A blue that has no description, unless you’re from England and have only studied the word grey.

(I  just started reading a book about English people. I apologise. See? I spelled that with an S!)

So, someday I plan to recall the births of my many babies. Because each one is so freaky. ( The stories… not the babies.)

And so entertaining.

If you like stories about people who pop out people.

The end.

I love you.