So I can’t commit.

I’m truly sorry, but you have subscribed to a blog called gypsy jules.

It has the word gypsy in it.

Which means that you are on a journey whether you like it or not.

And you like it.

Gypsies hate to be in one place for very long, and they move around a lot.  And they despise attention.

That is such a huge lie.

Have you seen their earrings?

The point is, I tend to be sporadic.

Man, I love to spell.

Tomorrow, I have a Vietnamese friend coming over to take me to the Asian market and then we will bring the ingredients home and she will be teaching me to make Vietnamese eggrolls and something either rice or noodle related.

When I asked her to teach me, she just stared at me like I had 3 heads,  like I should know how to cook rice.

She has never met my family.

My mom once made porcupine balls. Rice was sticking out everywhere.

And that’s not okay.

I’m desperate for a seasoned cast iron skillet, by the way.

Just thought I’d give you a heads up.

Also, I’m starting to dream about being a chef.

Not in real life, in dreams.

But, I can feel the way a knife should slice through food, and I can feel the way it should feel. In my dreams.

I’m a sleeping giant.

Just watch.

Or don’t.

Your lame choice.

Does anyone know if asian markets have coupons?