Well, we did it.

We packed up our belongings and hid them in the Mayor’s garage.

Okay, so he’s letting us keep our stuff there for the summer. We gave him our kitchen table and a long handled broom thingy that you clean ledges with in exchange for the space. I think that’s fair.

He’s not really the Mayor, in case you’re wondering. He’s the landlord. I knighted him the Mayor of Crazyville when I realized he was never ever gonna leave my house. Ever. He was there 32 of the first 40 days we lived there. He was in the bushes, in the basement, on the roof and on the balcony.

Here he is inspecting the refrigerator a few days before we moved out.

He took the whole thing apart. Then he pointed at things I needed to clean.

Yes, Mayor. I know. Now run before I grab something sharp.


Let’s recap our Boulder moves, shall we?

We packed up a 4000 square foot home in Stillwater and moved into a 1300 square foot home in Boulder with our 4 kids and a dog in 2004. The laundry was done in the garage and I would have to wear gloves and chisel the clothes from the sides of the washer in the winter. Those were great times.

We packed up a 1300 square foot home and moved into a 3000 square foot home in 2007. This is where I learned to clean vaulted ceilings and ledges that serve no purpose other than to house spider webs and dead stuff.

We packed up a 3000 square foot home and moved into a 2000 square foot home in 2010. Everyone on our block was over 100 and the houses were all dark by 7:30. I’m pretty sure they miss us.

We packed up a 2000 square foot home and shoved it all into a garage in 2011.

Then we packed our suitcases and moved in with Brad’s mom Edna. She lives in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment.

Her shower is amazing, by the way. It’s like an angry waterfall in a phone booth. You have to stand perpendicular to the walls or you’ll skin your elbows. But the water pressure is out of this world.

She also has a magnificent couch that eats electronics. This can be inconvenient, but no one cares because it has a good heart and gives great hugs.

So, we’re on a summer vacation from bills and rent, and nothing but good can come from that.


I said garage about 50 times, didn’t I?

Now I have to go get some free stuff from Target.

I have way too much time on my hands.

This is going to be interesting.