So, I’m in Mexico City. I came to join Brad and his teams for the iEmpathize Expedition. I have not been disappointed.

Except for that little stint in el bano. (I don’t know how to add the squiggly on top of the “n”. And I know it’s not called a squiggly. It’s just a thousand times more fun to say.)

I left on Wednesday in the wee hours. Hopefully, that’s why I made such a scene trying to get into this country. I couldn’t keep track of anything I had with me, went to the wrong counter to check in, dropped my suitcase on my head, got tangled in my long loopy necklace and tripped into my seat on the plane. It was fantastic.

Brad and German and Lorena picked me up at the airport. The screens at the airport said my flight was delayed. It was actually early. So I hung out with Miguel. Miguel was my seat mate. He speaks zero English but he’s fluent in “I better get down this chick’s suitcase for her before she maims someone”. We are very close.

Our first order of business was to stop and change the flat tire in German’s car. It’s a BMW. You have to order these tires online because apparently they aren’t easy to find. Unless you stop at a random tire shop on the side of a random road. Then you’ll find one.

We ate lunch at El Califa. I died. And then I passed out. And then I died again.

It was good.

Lunch happens around 4. Dinner happens around 10:30.

This works for me. I might become a Mexican.

Now I’m going to make a Top Ten list of other happenings, because I’ll never get caught up if I don’t. I’ve only been here 4 days but it might as well be 200. They are in no particular order. It makes no sense to number them backwards, but I’m going to.

10. Bukowski’s book shop and coffee bar. I want to live in there.

9. The Aztec Ruins. I have a fear of heights that I’m working on getting over. This place helped tremendously. I don’t think anyone cares if you fall face first down the side of it. Muy peligroso.

8. Las Sirenas. Incredible food. Terrace overlooking the Cathedral and the Ruins excavations. Dead Sexy.

7. Naria’s birthday. We crashed her party. It was as close to an Eat, Pray, Love moment as I’ll ever have.

6. Uruapan. Look it up. Never mind. I looked it up. It’s not the same as what I’m talking about.

5. Holding Fernanda. She’s 5 months old and lives under a bridge with an entire community of abandoned children.

4. Singing spontaneous songs with those same children.

3. The Metro. There are 20 million people in Mexico City. I’m convinced every single one of them was on the Metro at the same time. I ended up standing on one leg, rested my head on a stranger’s shoulder and poured coffee down my own shirt.

2. The unexpected olive platter that was delivered to my table. How could they know??

1. Thunderstorms. Every day.

Did you know parts of Mexico City are sinking 6 inches each year?

It’s true.