Okay, I’m a reality show *insert word here*.

But Downsized has stolen my heart. (WEtv)

I have literally bawled countless times. And I just started the second episode of this season.

It mimics my life/challenges so closely it almost freaks me out.

In the first episode (second season but who cares?) the family of 9 ( many of them teenagers) has moved into a small, small place and are in between state help and health insurance when one of their children has an asthma attack so severe an ambulance has to be called, and he has to be put in ICU and kept for 3 days.

Everything about him reminds me of my own sweet boys.

And then my heart actually stopped beating and I couldn’t actually breathe myself for 900 hours.

Because this is too close.

This happened to Taylor last year and I honestly thought we were going to lose her.  She was simply unable to breathe and I was simply unable to pay for her right to. So I took her to a clinic where they did what they could, looked at each other with extremely worried faces and sent her home with a butt full of steroids and wishes for the best.

I think this is a must see for all of us, rich or poor. It’s how America is living, working at working, and scraping to make our children thrive and frankly, sometimes, survive.

I could say much more  but I need to restrain myself. Things could get ugly.

But all things work together.

They somehow just do.

And seriously, never speak to me again until you watch this.

Not really.

But really.