We have been living downtown for over a month and my life has become completely different than the mind numbing existence I was enduring under the Mayor’s reign.

I drove by there the other day and looked through his windows.

No, I really did.

It was incredibly liberating.

I didn’t see anything other than the new hardwood floors he installed in his house with our entire way too large for his crappy house deposit he kept.

Then I left.

Because what I was doing is illegal.

Anyway, I love this new place. I have 6 other apartments full of people I get to spy on, and I have a balcony and a set or two of binoculars.

I did not take any binoculars to the Mayor’s house.

And wait till I tell you about the other people in this place.

I have stories.

But you’ll have to wait, because I never got a chance to show you our place because my stupid head computer is all cranky and won’t share.

It’s a 4 bedroom condo. That’s what Brad calls it. I call it an apartment. Because it is an apartment in a complex with other apartments.

Anyway, everyone has a sink and a walk in closet and a linen closet in their room. We share Jack and Jill baths between the 2 rooms on either side of the house. Brad and I share with Taylor. It is the joy of my life.

There is a main open room with a living room, dining room and kitchen.

And that is all.

But that isn’t even the best part.

Boulder High School is maybe 600 feet away. Or something like that. Which is probably impossible but it’s not like I’m going to go get a ruler and measure it. All I know is, if Tucker wants to get to school at 8:35, he leaves at 8:33. And he comes home for lunch, which has saved me approximately 45,000 dollars.

Casey Middle School is 8 blocks away. I think. I lose count of the blocks after Spruce. It takes Torrie and Max 15 minutes on foot and 6 minutes on a bike to get to school, and around 4 to get home. It’s straight downhill. You don’t even have to pedal.

It gets even better.

Our building has a few businesses in the lowest level. One of them is Art Cleaners. Guess where Taylor got a job? In our basement. Insane.

We have a door buzzer down on the street, so if you come over, you buzz the buzzer and I push a little button to open the door for you. I can’t tell you how much fun that is. It’s so Sesame Street.

The main bus transit is 2 blocks from our place.

The Farmer’s Market is in our backyard. So is the outdoor cinema. And Boulder Creek. And the amphitheater. Sometimes that part is not okay. I can see people hiking on the red rocks. Liquormart is across the street. Not that I noticed. The bank is one block away. Alfalfa’s (a whole foods type store) is 4 blocks up the street. Pearl Street Mall is 3 blocks away. I could go on. Except that’s all I can think of right now. Because Liquormart is across the street.

I’m going to show you a few pictures of some solutions we came up with to save money on furnishing this little place. Because the Mayor is walking on my deposit.

First, my couch. She is 52 years old and very tweedy and has amazing feet. And we finally have somewhere to sit. You have no idea what that means to me. And she cost $100.

The balcony was pretty industrial looking with white railings and it was very exposed. I don’t want anyone looking at my legs. We added some matchstick covering and a 2 planters that were on clearance. I think the total cost was $30. Look at that view. I mean, really.

We had an old lamp stand that lost all of its lanterns. This was probably because I have a lot of people living with me. We didn’t want to replace them, so we did this.

Fancy lightbulbs. $3.50 a piece. Neat.

Here’s what Tay did to hang her jewelry.

She wears very colorful, very large earrings. I can’t do that. That sucks.

It cost $5 at a thrift store.

I got to paint my walls Spanish Olive with paint I got mostly for free. Glidden had free samples. I may have gotten a few of them.

Dead Sexy.

Yep. I’m happy.