This morning suckethed much.

I was supposed to sleep in till 8. On Wednesdays, my kids don’t go to school until lunchtime-ish. For real.  Tuck goes at 9ish and Torrie and Max go at 9:55.

Here’s how it really went.

1. 3:30 a.m. – Avery needs to go out. Brad rolls over and incredulates at this. I think I just made up a word. He incredulates so long I get up and fall down two flights of stairs to let the little diva out. (I didn’t  fall, but stumble seems to0 dumb.) I’m pretty sure I said some mean crap to both of them.

2. 7:04. I wake up to showers, music and Taylor. That girl is loud. And funny. But so loud.

3. I go ahead and get dressed. I can feel it all coming. I look smokin’.

4. 7:48 Brad leaves with Tay to go to court. (She sped through a school zone. $300 fine.)  Must beg.

4. 8:05 Math with Max. That boy did 4 pages in 12 minutes. Mental Math. He’s a freak.

5. Brad calls. Fine reduced. (Just so happens to be friends with judge. Weird.)

6. Tay calls. Bank account depleted. School payment/ all of this new crap.

7. Duh.

8. Brad comes home. Can you proofread this? It needs to go to print.

9. Fetal position.

10. Take Tay through her bank account. Show her how buying coffee everyday can ruin your life, even if it is at the Shell station.

11. She incredulates.

12. Get a call from BVSD. I take a job for an hour from now.

13. Forgot to mention – Torrie has a fever of 100 or so. She’s home all day.

14. Run 3 errands. Very well.

15. Go to work to find no plans, fix that problem, teacher visits (with strep), leaves me with plans and hires me for tomorrow. Because I can sing a song that Stevie Wonder could sight read.

16. Coupon for 20 minutes. At school. In an airplane hanger.

17. Leave school to grocery shop for 2 hours.

18. Hide from someone at store. Long story. I’m sure I’ll tell it. Eventually.

Tomorrow, I walk to school from here.

Which is incredible.

Because my tire is flat.

(I forgot to tell you about the garbage disposal incident and the bike incident. Too late now.)