As most of you know, our Grandma B passed away a few weeks ago. She was 2 weeks shy of her 90th birthday. She’s actually Brad’s grandma, but we all claim her. She was sweet and precious and we will miss her very much.

Brad, Edna and I traveled to Oklahoma so we could be with family and attend her funeral. I think we drove 2,000 miles in 72 hours. Well, Brad and I did. I don’t let Edna drive. Nothing personal other than the fact that I’d like to live.

People always ask me to sing at funerals.

I don’t always like it.

Weddings aren’t so bad. I sang at 12 weddings one summer a while back. I’m pretty sure I sang From This Moment (Shania Twain) at all of them except one. That was the one where I sang A Whole New World from Alladin.

Here are some other little known facts that you should know.

1. When we lived in Kansas City, I was hired by a funeral home to sing for families who wanted live music. Basically, you stand behind a big curtain with the organist and sing into a thousand year old sound system. Mostly hymns and the occasional Cher song.

2. I once sang at a grave site for a dog. I had a friend who befriended an older man who died and had no family, so my friend arranged a funeral for him. His only surviving relative was his dog. So I sang to it.

3. I had a very strange thought process concerning what I’d like to happen if I keel over unexpectedly. I decided I’d like to be cremated and put into a fancy urn which will sit in the living room. Then, when Brad goes, I’d like for him to be cremated and mixed in with my ashes. I’m sure my ashes will be smaller, so you can tell us apart. But then I got scared and thought what if the rapture happens and our body parts get all swirled together and I end up with Brad’s legs or arms… or worse. So now I’d like to be stuffed and hung over the mantle. Thank you.

4. I think I just offended myself.

That’s all for now…