I met someone today.

It was serendipitous.

Which totally sucks because I wanted to be in NYC with my son while he was turning 16, but apparently that’s a Brad role that I can’t play. Which is true, because I would have camped outside of Dylan’s candy store and sworn that all other bits of the city were made up. Except Jay Z. You can’t fake that.

And subways scare me pointless.

Unless Brad’s with me.

Serendipity is a movie, by the way, and also a place with hot chocolate in the winter and magic in the air.

Anyway, I met a mom that just moved to Boulder today.

She didn’t move here today. She moved here a month ago.

I met her today.

She’s 9 feet tall exactly, but on the phone, she’s sizeless.

That happens you know.

Within 4 minutes of meeting her, I was hugging her.

Moving to Boulder is difficult.

Family is gone.

Finances are hilarious.

People can’t drive. And then they yell that you can’t drive. So I run over them.

Everyone has a master’s degree.

Everyone’s mom got a doctorate. Last week.

Actually, Brad’s mom Edna did. Congrats.

She got 2.

She’s insane.

I hate learning.

My heart went flying out of me to this new Boulderite.

It’s a long story.

One worth telling.

In the long run.

Anyway, be nice to the new kids.

You could be hugging me.