Brad and I text each other a lot.

A few days ago I read back through some of them.

Here’s a little sample of some texts I’ve received over the last few months.

B: (That stands for Brad. Just thought I’d help you out here.) Having lunch in China Town.

J: (That stands for  Julie. Which is my name) Just got a free sandwich at Chick Fil A.

B: Just left the President.

J: Can you bring me a Hershey bar on your way home?

B: Just ran into Owen Wilson at the elevator.

J: I got the cable dude to reduce our payment by $90!

B: Just bumped into the bass player for Aerosmith. They must be playing here tonight.

J: Walking Avery. Just bumped into a squirrel.

B: Taking Tucker to get his ears pierced.

J: We need to file our taxes.

B: CNN called. They want to fly me to Mexico City to film a raid where they plan to rescue underage children. They’ll use the footage on their final Freedom Project for the year.

J: Still can’t find the car keys.

Here’s one in order:

B: A limo picked me up and took us to the steak house.

J: I heard. Katie told on you already. What is the deal with all of this?

B: No… that was Friday night. This is a different one.

And my personal favorites.

B: Btw… a motto from my host. Go braless…it pulls the wrinkles out of your face.

J: Woah. My phone is drunk.

Okay. That’s enough for today. I have to go not see cool people and not go to dinner in limos.

Wish me luck.