That has always been my favorite phrase. I’m shocked that I haven’t been struck dead. Or been parted.

So, I have an exciting life all of a sudden.

I’m working like crazy.

I get to grocery shop constantly. I need to ebay coupons for highly requested stuff. I’m dreaming about a legion of college peeps as a shopping army.

The word legion makes me think of pigs.

And Liquormart sweetly sets aside 14 papers for me every Sunday. They put a little basket on top of a bundle. A bundle is 14. Weird. Ironic that it’s set aside for  a Sober Home. Cracks me up.

By the way, Liquormart has put in a Redbox. I hugged it hard. People noticed. Stop staring, freaks.

Maybe Redbox just put themselves at Liquormart.

Who cares. Hugs.

Liquormart is across the street.

I hate the word liquor. Too many jokes from childhood. (rubber buns, anyone?) You judge me. You know you do.

Many of you have asked about my new job. I still work almost every day subbing, so my kids are panicked. They don’t like it when I leave, even when they aren’t here. I tell them they’ll bloody well like it when I am able to finally take them on a vacation that doesn’t require sleeping bags and stars. Because I’m British in my head. My accent sucks.  Unless I have liquor.


They’ll get super used to it. Because I’m going back to school to get my teaching certification for CO. I hope to teach full time soon.

Unless before then I start a full time shopping/coupon business.

My original dream is already in the works. I’m in the perfect situation to capitalize on this recession. Yeah, I said capitalize. Because I’m smart. Duh.

I can make a living at saving people money.

In other words, the race is on.

Either way, I win.

Side note:

1.My kids are amazing actors.

2. I’m getting a clothesline. Which makes me giggle. And saves me 40 million dollars a year. I already  hang my clothes everywhere you can imagine. Why not in the sun?

3. My oldest daughter is dating a 24 year old. Brad is hanging out with him right now. That totally weirds me out.

4. I decided to include my beautiful and genius (and obsessed and youngest) daughter on my new website. You will like her way more than me.

5. I want to get a haircut. But I don’t want to pay. I’ve waited 7 months. Ewwww.

6. Pinterest kind of stresses me out. It’s just a new way to fail at being awesome.

7. I like owls. That’s all pinterest may ever know.

8. If I lived in the 70’s, I probably wouldn’t change much.

9. I might go sing karaoke with a new friend who blatantly said she’s not intimidated by my “professional”status. I think I may have more fun than I ever have, ever.

10. I love you.