It’s leap year day, I guess.

Meaning I feel the need to steal the nearest computer and say random crap.

I just got back from Oklahoma. My trip was amazing, thanks for asking.

I bounced off walls. I got way too much sleep. People are nice there. Sonic was majestic. I kind of never want to see a large diet dr. pepper with extra ice ever again. I lie. So much.

I put a Buzz Lightyear in my mom’s fridge before I left.

That’s what happens when you have no one around to boss. You become a freak who might cause heart attacks randomly. What would you do if you opened your fridge and Buzz was doing Zumba in front of you? I don’t really want you to answer that.

Woody is nowhere to be found. We probably sold him at a garage sale. Poor Buzz. No one really wants you.

You’re not huggable.

You’re craggly.

I still appreciate your sarcasm.

I beat Brad’s pinball record on the iPad. In fact, I annihilated it. I ruined my hands. iPads are also craggly. And I feel like when you play pinball, you have to put your back into it.

I just deleted a ton of stuff because my kids told me it was awful. I made the mistake of reading it out loud.

This was the lamest post ever.

You will probably live.