I’ve gone gluten free due to some unexpected circumstances in my life.

Called bloating.

I was enormous.

Like, balance a plate of pizza between your belly and your puppies.

No more.

So far, I’ve lost 5.5 pounds of swell.

In a week.

And surprisingly, I’ve seen this coming and I am on board a million percent.

Because I like to wear my real people pants.

The only thing I miss this week is Chick Fil A. And then all I have to do is ask myself how I feel after I eat one of those, and I just smile and put my nose back on the grindstone.

This is an experiment, just so you know.

I have some other stuff I need to look at as well.

I might be having puppies.



That’s not true.

I already have those.

Forget I said that.

I also mourn Papa John’s.

But it truly is nice to have my life back. And I can see my feet.

*update – I’ve always wanted to asterisk.

This was written last week. I am seeing many differences, from skin to energy.

Now I have to go, because there is lightening I have to watch from my balcony. That happens twice a year in Colorado and I don’t intend to miss it.