It’s hot.

Or it’s possible the devil mated with Colorado and is dying laughing somewhere in a bubbling brook near me. So I’ll probably run into him. Or her. Girls can be really mean.

By the way, this is going to be short.

Because if I say too much, someone will get hurt.

The only reason I’m even still sitting here is because I’m stuck to this chair.

It’s hot.

And I’m losing my mind with this heat. Did I mention there is no air conditioning for the main areas of this place?

Let me clarify.

It’s kind of the Christmas of Summer.

I for one am waiting for Jesus to come rescue me.

Until then, the dog will pant, Brad will close off his room with a black market air conditioner (his mom gave it to him. No one is allowed to touch it. Since I sleep in there, I shall speak no evil.) and I will try to figure out how flowy clothing factors in. Did I just say his room? I mean our room. The air is not black market. Yet.

My point was to be positive.


So here’s what’s not hideous about this heat.

1. Cheese melts itself.

2. Clothes dry themselves over the balconies. And then they chaff us.

3. Tomatoes and jalapenos actually grow. There is only 1 tomato and 1 and a half jalapenos so far. I have not killed them. Give me a minute.

4. I have failed miserably with this.

5. Ice cream. That’s what I was trying to say.

It’s hot.

*no written cuss words were used in this post. it’s only June. just you wait.