My life is weird.

How you doin?

I have a third job now. I work at the Boulder Humane Society Thrift Store. I love it.

I literally just brought home 6 books from the 1890’s for $6.

So what that I can’t ever touch them again, or they’ll disintegrate. That’s how I feel about my hair.

My other two jobs are stupid. Oh wait. One of them has to do with educating your children. I don’t mind educating your children.

The other has to do with singing.  I love to sing. I have no idea why I’m so vacuous.

No idea if that word fits. I just adore it and needed to use it in a sentence.

And the other has to do with couponing. I wish that word was not eternally underlined in red.

Wait. That’s 4.

I have something coming up soon in the old savings department. I’m not allowed to speak of it. It’s kind of the Valdemort of my everyday living. But if you are smart, you will figure it out, and say ohhhhh! And then you will make a sandwich. FYI.  Ohhhhh is also underlined in red.

My dog is now gluten free. Like me. She whines more.

Glad we could connect.

Tomorrow I start the freaking Paleo. Sorry, but I just have to. I love seafood, I love the wheat free life. And I love torture, apparently.

Also, my second born turns 17 tomorrow. I’ll never forget the day he arrived. Changed my life. Little man stole my heart the minute he looked at me. I made him promises I’ll never renege on. He has never gone a day without giving me a for real hug. He’s a quality human being. I’m grateful to be his mama.

That’s kind of it.

I really should think more.