I swear, I have a knack for words.

The truth is, these last few months have thrown me so off.

My family totally fixed that.

They sat around a table and they did everything I feared the nation was doing. They pointed out my crazy eyes. They totally made fun of that freaking montage… “Am I obsessed with couponing… am I obsessed with couponing.. AM I OBSESSED WITH COUPONING… yeah… yeah… I think I might be.”

They asked me if I really worked for the Sober Home. (really? you’re gonna ask me that?)

They spiked my drinks.

Wait… that’s another post.

Sorry Dad.

Except I’m not.

My family was my family.

We all have obnoxiously loud hyena laughs… and sneezes.

We are endearingly sarcastic. Apparently, it’s a gift to be hateful without letting anyone know it. (You have to smile sweetly while saying toxic stuff)

And we hold each other accountable to the real us.

If any one of us is off, it throws us all off.


The fearless part came when I decided to test us all by exposing myself on a camera.

The fearful part was waiting to hear the reaction. Not a perfect review. I’m grateful.

The fearless part is when I try again and again, because my family is really all that matters.

(Seriously, no offense)

In whatever I do.

Moving on. As much as I’d love it all to be about me.

The fearful part is when you need to have an exceedingly difficult conversation including a very difficult topic.

The fearless part is when you just do it. And you don’t regret it. Or maybe you do. But it happened, and that’s that.

All I know is, this was the most big girl Thanksgiving I’ve had yet.

Also, I will miss Elmo.

He’s family.

Living real life is not always awesome. Laugh as much as you can. But for God’s sakes…

Just be real.