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My hand me down tree’s mid -section has its lights off.

I completely identify.


Full heart.

Full life.

Fully committed this year to happiness.

I have to admit to some tough times. I mostly brought it on with my selfishness. And my bitchiness. Yep, that there’s a dictionary word. Sorry, but Jesus said ass. And he meant it.

I also have to admit to even tougher times around me, personally.

And I had to decide.

I wear happy way better.

Mean and sad looks horrible on me.

Brad says it makes me look like my dad.

Which is AWESOME.

But still…

Happy NEW YEAR. For real, this time.







I do not want to talk about Christmas, I want to talk about what makes us anxious about Christmas.

it makes me kind of nuts. All about what makes each person who they are, and finding the right nonsense to make it happen.

This year, this happened.

Torrie sat down and asked me what we spend on each child. (Not a significant amount).

She burst into tears.

Not tears of joy. Tears of anguish.

She wanted to know why on earth we would ever spend that.

(Again, barely discernible amount.)

She said, “i do not want it. People are thirsty. We will give it to them.”

She will get some things she wants. She will also get her wish.