Okay, so this weekend I was away from home. For one night.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Brad and I took the liberty to go on a date. Away. No children were invited.

My kids are getting older and we basically live in a compound. Judge me on things that matter. Like the fact that I buy whole milk.

We came home next day and picked the kids up for Max’s basketball games. We weren’t halfway there when Tucker makes a confession.

T : “Mom, I have something to tell you. ‘BLANK’ threw up on our couch last night.”

Me: “Ewwwww. What part?”

T: “Don’t worry. I cleaned it up. It’s like it never happened.”

Which brings me to why I’m reminded.

It isn’t like it never happened. It’s like it’s still happening.

‘BLANK’ and I have a history of this.

Literally the grossest day of my life includes him.

Long story short, I took the kids to Chili’s when they were all around 10. Not all of them. That would mean I had quintuplets. And Taylor wasn’t even there.

Anyway, next thing I know, ‘BLANK’ is hurling out of my back car window. Which makes Torrie pretty sick. So she forgoes the window and chooses the floor. Which makes Tucker decide the best thing to do is follow her example. Which of course means Max needs to keep up with his big brother.

I’d love to tell you how I cleaned it up, but now I myself have thrown up on my couch.

No one will ever notice.