This is not going to take long. Mostly because I only have 15% left on my computer, and there is no way on earth I’m getting up again today. Because I can’t. Nothing moves anymore.

If there were ever a day I think I might have contracted a Thrift Store disease, today would be the day.

Crap. I’m at 13%.

No matter. I’ll probably kick the bucket in the next 10 minutes.

Let me start by saying I was the donations diva today from 10 – 4. This equates to running approximately 47 garage sales in one day. Most of the time I find the process a little bit exciting.

Exciting is all relative.

Bottom line, people brought us the grossest, nastiest, most creeping crud infested items you have ever seen.

And they donated them.

Like, “Hey, I brought this incredibly disgusting spider infested bed pan. You take those?”

or even better…

(D for donator… names were changed to protect the identity)

D: “So, my brother is a hoarder. ”

J: “Oh, well thanks for bringing his things in to us. Really.”

D:” So, here are some never opened items he’s had stored for a while. ”

J: “Thanks. We love new stuff.”

And here’s where the magic happens.

D: “Oh, and here is a toilet riser.”

Used. Plunked right onto the counter. Used.

Here’s a visual.

Except used.

Are you serious?

The rest of the story isn’t awesome other that the fact that I first screamed “we don’t want that” and then she said ‘but they can be so useful” and then I collapsed into irrational laughter. Because that’s what you do when you are knee deep in toilet risers.

The end.