Imagine a room that you share with 3 teenagers. Imagine the pairs of shoes, full backpacks and that one beanbag we bought for Christmas, I think last year. Imagine that we thought to bring it on over here. And that they all fit in one room somewhat  successfully. And we still had  weeded out significantly.

Imagine a loft bed with a bed underneath. Imagine that their parents were the ones sleeping below.

Imagine that growing teens were pissed. So we cut the legs off, to make us closer.

The loft legs. Not the kids’.

Imagine that the teens began sleeping anywhere but. Front room seems  feasible. Anywhere. Bueller?

We are on yet another adventure, one I’ve been reluctant to share. It’s so unbelievably personal. And close. And sometimes embarrassing.

We are trying to save for a place of our own. It’s exhausting. It’s tedious. And it’s crowded.

Just saying…  I’m proud of my kids. This journey has literally been emotional, educational and…

Let them say.

We live in 2 rooms. 1 full bath. 6 or more. Mostly more.

But I love my kids’ friends. They never blink. Are never surprised.

B is a constant.

He hugs me and calls me Mama Riley.

His own amazing mama made a few dozen Vietnamese egg rolls for my family this Thanksgiving, Restaurant style.

Last I checked, he was draped over Max. And woke and put another blanket on him. 

He also, last weekend, made breakfast while I was out of town. 2 eggs were left… so  he made the sandwich for Max that I normally make for both of them. And then he made himself noodles. ( He loves them. He was fine.)

My point is I’ve been feeling lost this season, and a little bit sad.

And I shouldn’t.

B is a boy who is the third of 4 boys.  His father died in a car accident the year we moved here. Long story short, I could never let go of this family. And what do you know, Max and B became inseparable in 5th grade… no encouragement. They just were drawn to each other. They found out they both loved order and were unbelievably compatible. Brothers from another mother.

B is the most amazing example of love and thoughtfulness.

In that spirit, I had to tell my boys today that they were getting a few things for Christmas, but most of their stuff was coming in Jan.

They hugged me and told me I was an amazing mom…

My kids are amazing, I believe because they just understand their world and who is in it. And their favorite day is any day they can spend living life with the best people. They don’t want much more.