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New website coming soon….

It’s gonna be beautiful and epic and colorful and gypsy-ish.

Better get on the waiting list for my personal shopping. That sucker is gonna take off.


Wish me “luck”. 🙂


I love that word. It’s what I call a fun word. Like sissy. Who doesn’t love that word?


have mercy. So much stuff is happening.

First of all, I’m loving my work at the Thrift Store. I do not call it a job. I call it work. Because, my goodness, have you ever seen the likes of a donation center? I broke a fake nail. Which was guaranteed not to break. Because they are dumb.

I was also pretending I had my nails done. Fail.

Anyway, It’s never dull. And Tre and Jen Cates are the best people ever. I’d put them up there with Brad and Julie Riley.

Also, as you may know, I’m gonna be on the telly soon. TLC’s Extreme Couponing, Nov. 13. TLC. Sometime at night, I think around 9. I know it’s the second show of the premiere. They are monitoring my every move. I am currently failing epically. I have no real details. Actually, I do. That would require me to read every email. Like I have that kind of time at the moment. Stuff is on sale, for heaven’s sakes.

It’s on their website probably… 🙂

I looked. I’m not sure.

I never released this blog to them.

Some things are mine. And mine alone.

Here’s the thing. I’m a little nervous. Like does my butt look huge while pushing a cart alongside tiny man children?

And I could literally feel my forehead move during the interview. (which lasted 90 million hours) 

I said, “I can feel my forehead moving”.

They said, ” You worry too much.”

My point.

(right now I should mention the sound man who wired and basically walked me through the whole process)

Carl Hernandez.

I would have crumbled without Carl.

He was always so encouraging. I mean, honestly, he would pretend to need to adjust something, and then spend a few thousand minutes encouraging me and telling me what I needed to fix.To breathe. He believes in the real thing. He kept giving me permission to be me. In fact, he insisted. Big deal to me. He still encourages me to this day. Go ahead and look through my Facebook feed. The man works with Larry King, Obama and Bill Cosby. He still checks in on me. 

And also…

I had NO idea I started every sentence with So. Terrible for television. I can appreciate that feedback as someone who has recorded musically. He spoke the language I understood. Thanks, Carl. You are my hero.

In other news,

There’s a really real website in the works, with a logo and a purpose. 

Truthfully, ya’ll, there are fireworks in my future.